What clients say: .I want to tell you about Silvia’s massages. I have had problems with my back for over thirty years. I go to a chiropractor but noticed I had small lumps on my back. I started going to Silvia for massages and she almost has all the lumps gone. I feel much better and I’m able to do more bending and other activities which I haven’t done in years. Thank you Silvia! 3/26/13 Pat P. The cranial sacrum routine that Silvia did 2 weeks ago has refined my lower back pain. I’m an a much lower pain level than I was before. It has lasted 2 weeks and there doesn’t seem to be any increase in pain intensity. 3/11/12 Vaughn B. I feel Refreshed!! 3/10/11 Renee G. The result are amazing. It’s like I never experienced any stress in the first place. Silvia can work miracles. 2/7/11 Heidi S. This is part of an e-mail I received: I am so grateful to find an AMMA practitioner in Central/NE Wisconsin! I used to work at a clinic in Bloomer, WI, where I received AMMA therapy every two weeks for a year. It worked out adhesions in my back and shoulders from a car accident. I believe that adding this therapy helped me to keep up with my busy work schedule. Now it has been two years, and I am noticing the aches and pains again. I am trained in Swedish Massage and over the years have tried many things to help with managing my pain so I could be active and work in my chosen career. While Swedish is a nice treatment to receive, it could not reach the deeper layers I needed to have worked on. I had given up on flexibility when a new therapist came to the office and offered me a 30-minute AMMA demo. Afterwards I couldn't believe how I could feel the waves of energy going up and down my back! And the following days, I felt better and better...more flexibility and increased energy. 8/23/10 Kimberly R. Very energizing massage. it was delightful. The birds were chirping, peace and tranquility all around. Sylvia is skilled as a yoga instructor and as a massage therapist. 6/23/2010 Holly Z. My experience with Amma Massage: not fragmented fully encompassing total body energy flow moves beyond shin into internal realm like acupuncture without needles stress/release points purges tension 2/24/10 Cindy The Amma massage was very unique, very relaxing, I loved it! Jan R. I feel very relaxed yet rejuvenated. Compared to Swedish massage where it can be more of a manipulation of muscle this has felt like the muscle has opened up to relax and breath. Roz K. My first Amma Massage -- was relaxing. Beyond relaxation, I felt it was gentle, yet strong, leaving me with a sense of peace. Thank you Silvia. Sheron L Relaxed yet energized. Lydia V. Relaxed, flexible, restored in body and soul. That describes the way I felt after one of your wonderful massages. bless you and your healing hands, Silvia. You have a real gift. Thanks for sharing it. Mary K. I have come to Silvia for Amma Therapy tired and achy and left totally relaxed and full of energy again. It has also helped me specifically with the lymphedema after my breast cancer surgery; it helps my lymph glands to do their job which has lessened my discomfort. Fay W. A very different rejuvenating feeling of relaxation. The stress is completely gone. Shanon W. Massage with Silvia was amazing. Its like all the stress & discomfort melted away. I came in feeling fatigue and an hour later I felt 100% better. Chasity S. Silvia, You are Marvelous. I have never felt so relaxed and rested after one of your massages. Thank you for helping me out with special issues with your wonderful advise and for introducing me to Yoga. Keep up the Great work. Bonnie R. I have never written a testimonial in my life. But I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Silvia Stoffer as the best Massage Therapist out of well over 2000 massages in my life. Think of massage as healing your mind, body, and heart. Try Silvia for her Amma Massage. This is the greatest Christmas gift you can give yourself or give it to someone you Love. Ford R. Immediately after my Amma Massage, I felt really relaxed and even dozed off. This treatment is so relaxing and stress relieving. A great gift for yourself. Shawn H. I feel relaxed and wonderful - very stimulating. Joyce P. While having my Amma massage I felt my whole body was just going to another place of such great relaxation. Toni W. After an Amma Massage I feel relaxed and revitalized all combined with tensions simply relieved .. amazing all in one hour! Liz B. Amma Massage is relaxing, soothing and invigorating. It helped me feel great. I was able to sleep through the night. D.S. I feel lighter and energized following Amma Therapy. I have a much better awareness of my body as a result of my therapy. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, most especially if one periodically experiences any muscular skeletal discomfort - no matter where in the body it is. Michael P. Silvia's technique is extremely relaxing. The time past much too quickly. Carol H. After the Amma Massage I fell very loose and at ease. Bob G. I feel warm and relaxed after the massage. It felt good all during the massage. Rose Marie C. It was the best I ever had. Not like a caban-boy rubbing you down with suntan lotion. Dee E. The massage experience I had was by far better than any I had ever received from day one to present . I felt better each session. Silvia asked me where it hurt and went right to work with her healing touch. I would recommend her for anyone that wants to feel like your self again. John H. Silvia's technique for me has just been so muscle relaxing. She has released so many knots and pressure points for me. I'd recommend this to everyone! Carol K.
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